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ERGO-K No sound output

Hello, I'm using the ERGO K but then I can't hear the output from my headphones.

I've seen all the other posts on the forum and tried to follow the troubleshooting tips but had no successful result.

I'll attach the setting on my Traktor.

(firmware versions updated, did the TSI thing)


I'm using Windows 8. The funny thing is, it worked for about 3 days, I've tried to use Serato and then went back to Traktor, no more sound output from headphones. (Haven't connected speakers to master out cuz I haven't got a speaker near me right now. But I used to send master out to my headphones/monitor so that I can test it out, didn't work. Attached files show master out going to master out on Ergo but I've set it to Master out --> phones when I was testing it.)


Other hardware stuffs work. When I send the output to default laptop audio output, it works from laptop audio output fine.

M.S Charlie

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