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DDJ SX using Traktor Pro 2 - 2.6.8 (R382)

Not being able to get on with Serato DJ, I fell back to Traktor Pro 2 as a much preferred software. However, everything works fine apart from one important detail for me. Grid Slide and Adjust do not work. Is this me being rather dim or is it just a function that doesn't map with the Pioneer .tsi for Traktor.

I have the latest DDJ SX firmware (1.07), the latest .tsi (1.01), DDJ SX driver, checked all settings multiple times, but no matter what I try (even reinstalling), I cannot get the functions to work. My laptop is an ASUS running Windows 8.1 and I'm using a USB 2.0 port for connection.

I even tried JaJa Artwork v9.3 .tsi to prove a point and Slide and Adjust did work, but other problems ensued (only one Cue light would stay on at a time). Any ideas on this one?

I have done extensive investigation into this problem but cannot find an answer anywhere. Either everybody else using this set up doesn't have my problem, or they don't use Grid Slide and Adjust.

Any help (or being told it's a function that doesn't work with Pioneer .tsi) will be greatly appreciated and I can then look to perhaps sort out my own mapping !!     

Many thanks in advance

Steven King

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