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Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus + Pioneer DJM 750K + Traktor Pro + Traktor control

Hi Guys,

This is my first day on this forum and I am a newbie DJ. I have got:

  • 2 * Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus
  • 1 * Pioneer DJM 750 K mixer

I really like the effects available in Traktor like echo freeze etc. and it seems, my mixer doesn't have all those effects. I am thinking to upgrade my setup but I couldn't find any help elsewhere, my questions are around:

  • How would I connect DJM 750K with Traktor , Would I still be able to use all my mixer effects on all channels as I normally use? or Is there any other way around to connect with Traktor with these specs?

  • Which version of Traktor would be suitable to upgrade? Traktor pro 2 or scratch etc.?

  • Would Traktor control X1 be compatible with all this setup?

I would really appreciate, if anyone can advise me on this?


Sammy khan

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You could connect the players and mixer to the computer via USB, use the CDJs for HID control and output all audio directly to the mixer. That would allow you to use the effects within the software as well as the effects on the hardware. Any version of Traktor will do, and your X1 would still be compatible.

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