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License Key for upgrade

Just upgraded to Rekordbox 4 to use with my XDJ-RX and during install it needs a license key after the login? where do I get this from as the key on the back of the XDJ-RX doesn't work. I don't need to the DJ version as only intend to use for prep and music management but assume it will stop in 30 days. Also, Trial stays on screen in top left and the old version 3.3 was left during install, assume it is safe to just uninstall this but all my settings will be picked up by version 4?


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Reading through some other posts I'm assuming the button on top left should show either performance or export with export used for XDJ-RX but I cannot get mine to change from Trial. From memory when I installed V3 I just needed the user name and login so I'm now concerned this trial will expire? any news on this question yet?

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