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DDJ-SB2 sound driver woes in Windows 10

I have just purchased a DDJ-SB2 and found there are some major issues in Windows 10.

  1. I cannot select any sample rates under the Advanced tab. It is greyed out as a 4 channel 24bit 44100Hz studio quality and is non-selectable.

  2. If I reboot or disconnect and reconnect the USB I no longer get any sound from Windows. I use the test 'Play' button in the soundcard configuration to test and get no sound.
    However. If I open up something like Serato or VirtualDJ then close them, I am then able to get sound.

  3. Chrome does not work with the DDJ-SB2 soundcard. It does not appear in the Windows 10 Volume Mixer when the DDJ-SB2 is set as the default playback device. Other browsers, including Firefox and Microsoft Edge, work fine. Chrome only plays audio when the default sound device is set to a Realtek internal soundcard. I am unsure why Chrome does not like the SB2 but I have tried all kinds of suggestions to resolve this issue without success. It's quite bizarre!

Are Pioneer aware of these problems and is a fix in the pipeline?

Dick Emery Répondu

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Many problems with the SB/2 come from the computer not providing adequate power over the USB to the controller. Please try the following:

- a different USB port
- a different USB cable
- a powered USB hub
- a different computer

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Additional problem.

When I load a track onto a deck in VirtualDJ (I dont use Serato) I get a very very low level audio beeping that coincides with the flashing of the play/pause and cue pad LED's. It is not affected by turning the master audio up and down either. The master out is connected directly to a pair of Wharfedale BX5's (Version 2).

Dick Emery 0 votes
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Its a year later and I am having the same issue, works only if I open rekordbox then close it and the I have audio. All other times my computer sees the sb2 and I can hear a hiss form the audio like its on but no sound?

Hazy Meadow 0 votes
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