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ProLink Nexus setup connecting to Rekordbox via Wifi

Hi guys and Pioneer,

I played around here at home a bit and setup my stuff up the following way:

  • 2 x CDJ2000NXS and DJM900NXS
  • All 3 ProLink connected via ethernet cables to a NetGear Wireless Range extender (WN2000RPTv3)
  • Rekordbox running on my MacBook that connects to the NetGear extender wirelessly

The problem is it is sometimes very slow to respond and I have had a few error's on my CDJ's when playing tracks from Rekordbox over the wifi.
While browsing through my RekordBox library from my CDJ it shows the "loading" a lot and when loading a track there is a bar underneath the screen (on the CDJ) that looks like it is "buffering" the track. This also sometimes takes long to completely "buffer" the track.

My reason for connecting up like this is I have a DBX PA2 that I also want to connect to my NetGear hub (via the ethernet port from the PA2)
and then on my MacBook I want to have the PA2 CONTROL app running to monitor and adjust my sound processing settings on my PA2 on the fly.

I thought it would work decently if I also could then run RekordBox on my MacBook and connect everything up wirelessly to keep it looking neat and simple...

So my question basically is, anyone of you by chance connect to RekordBox on a laptop via a Wifi router that's connected to your ProLink setup via ethernet?



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