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DJC-WeCAi a simple question

Good evening to all, i want to know 2 thing:

1 - Cable Pioneer DJC-WeCAi can be used to CHARGE ipad mini 2 while performing gigs (simultaneous)

2 - Cable Pioneer DJC-WeCAi charge IPAD only when the controller are plugged or even with the controller (ERGO...WEGO etc...) unplugged? (But both red and black usb plugged on IPAD and power supply)

I ask this question because i need to use an external sound card that come with USB-B female connector (similar to Pioneer WEGO) and i will buy this cable if allow me to use this soundcard and charge IPAD simultaneous. Thanks!!


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@Jacox > No, the WeCAi doesn't charge the iPad when connected, sorry.

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There is another solution that does not involve the stupidly expensive, proprietary cable, that I've discovered (seeing as I can't get the DJC-WECAI30 cable here in the UK for love nor money, and the only option is buying from the US at a cost of £40-£50 which is daft).

Also doesn’t’ need a 30pin to lighting adaptor either.

This solution works on my 5th gen iPad with lighting connector, and a WEGO3 running DJAY for ipad.

You can use one of these:


If the above isn't available in your country, just check that whatever one you get also audio through it.

So the WEGO unit connects to this, and both the ipad and the WEGO are powered by either the ipad mains supply, or even a portable power bank.


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