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djm 700 + rmx 500 recording

How to record my dj set using djm 700 and rmx 500 ? When I had just djm 700 I used to use this way: djm 700 > phono cable > laptop > audacity and it worked completly fine. Now when I try same way It doesn't record any of rmx 500 fx,instruments etc. Just seems like rmx 500 doesn't exist on recording. please advise me and sorry for my english. Thanks.

Karolis Fatiejevas

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@Karolis > To elaborate on what Pedro said...



Choose which channel you want to use the RMX-500 FX on and press the ON/OFF button to activate it.

Mark Gallo
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OLAH Karolis. Please, indicate what connection you have now?


I think that is the better option to record with DJM700 + Rmx-500 Set:

A.- RMX 500 > Send / Return > DJM-700 and DJM-700 rec Output > to laptop. (Don't forget activate the FX button.

Take care,

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