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DDJ RX firmware

Hi, i have gone into update mode ( pressed shift sync and power on), the master peak lights lit up as said in update manual, ive gone to update the firmware from the already unzipped and ready to run file, it says firmware version 0.0.0 and that the update version is 1.0.2.....i press start it starts the update process then fails, so i start over again as the manual suggests and it fails again..( it has failed as low as 4 % into the update process and as high as 97% and everywhere inbetween)..it has been like this all day fail after fail after fail.....to make matters worse the rx stuck in the update mode with the master peak lights flashing and i cannot do anything....cannot get the firmware to update and cannot get the controller back out of update mode(...... ive tried literally everything....is ther any help out there?

saw this in another thread >>>

Did you hold power/sync/shift until the light flashes

and then run the update while in update mode?

Rick Cortez 1 month ago 0 votes Share

this is the mode i am currently stuck in.

Any help would be muchly appreciated, ty.

Sam Goodwin

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@Sam > Sorry to hear that, let's see if we can get you sorted out!

If you power-up the controller, is it automatically going into firmware-update mode or will it function properly and be recognized by the computer?

Pulse 0 votes
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Hi there i have almost the same problem, while updating suddenly the update failed and now i can't do anything anymore and if i turn the power up on the controller its automatic in update mode what can i do?

Kwinten Den Tandt 0 votes
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