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Turntable mixing with no laptop


Is there a setup for turntable mixing like traktor and serato but without the laptop?

I'm thinking of getting a new setup and going back to vinyl feel mixing but i don't want the hassle of a laptop.

Is it possible?

I saw the djm-t1 comes close but i still need a laptop with traktor and serato.


Thx for reading and happy easter. :)


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@Tom > I'm not sure what you are proposing.  If you're not using a laptop, where would your music be stored?

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well seeing that alot of setups don't need a laptop, my question is if there is a setup where you don't need your laptop when using turntables.

For example, maybe the XDJ-RX or some DDJ device with turntables hooked up.

They don't need a laptop to be able to mix music, not sure if they can be controlled when you hook up turntables to them.


Hope it makes more sense now. :)


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