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Traktor support for new NXS2 CDJ's and DJM

Just how far does the new NXS2 setup go with Traktor 2 integration? 


Does the HID through the mixer USB if all players and mixer are connected by LAN work?


How much of the touchscreen functionality is available with Traktor?


How much information is passed back to the CDJ's by traktor? I.e. can we see key and time and comment information in the browser window and can we sort by those yet from the player?


I have the nxs1 setup now but I'm not moving away from traktor at any rate until midi mapping is available in rekordboxdj and want to know what we are getting other than some new fx on the mixer and 8 hotcues.


Also does 64bit on board firmware mean 64bit windows drivers finally?


Thanks for your time. If anyone has a video of traktor and the new setup please link in the comments.


Robbie Miller

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@Robbie > 64bit, when mentioned in regards to the DJM-900NXS2 means that it is running a 64bit DSP, not that it will require 64bit drivers.

Pioneer is aware that users have requested 64bit driver support, however we don't have a timeline for availability.

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So far there is no integration with Traktor although you should be able to midi map the players. HID integration must be completed by Native Instruments via an update to Traktor. 

DJM-900NXS2 drivers have just been released (for Yosemite and previous OS X, El Capitan & Windows 32bit driver) and so the mixer should operate just fine as a standard sound card giving you 4 deck support. Once again it's up to Native Instruments to enable Scratch Certification via an update to Traktor. 

If the touch screen on the XDJ1000 is anything to go by then the performance section will work as expected (beat jumps etc) and you can re-map things to your liking. 

Traktor talking back to CDJ ... Well that will have to wait for HID integration and what NI decide to allow. 

I will hopefully have access to the new players this week so I'll see what Traktor can see/do. 

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