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Question regarding mp3 discs, waveforms, and the CDJ1000MK3

Hi guys, I just bought a second hand pair of CDJ1000MK3's, which are great, but I wanted to ask a question regarding MP3 waveforms.

I understand that if the file is MP3 then the file has to be played through at least once for the waveform to display correctly when the track is reloaded.

My question is, does this information store on the SD card, so if I were to take my CD with MP3s on it, and load it into a different CDJ1000MK3 along with the SD card, would the waveforms of all the MP3 files then be loaded without having to play the files on the new CDJ first?

Hopefully that makes sense!

Thanks for any help.


Edit: Sorry, just thought of  a couple of other questions:

  1. If I do the above for a CD of MP3s, and then burn another copy of the CD, will everything that is saved on the SD card work for that 2nd CD, seeing as it is an exact duplicate?
  2. After doing the above for one CD, can I then copy the contents of the SD card to a 2nd SD card (via my computer) to have the same waveform/etc data on my 2nd CDJ?


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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