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Rekordbox Database migration / restoration issue

I am attempting to move my rekordbox database to another computer. What I have done, is backed up the database on old computer (win 10). I downloaded exact same version of rekordbox on new computer (win 8), transferred only one folder with most music from old desktop to desktop of new computer, and then attempted to restore library in new computer. I can see all of my rekordbox playlists there and wavforms in new computer now but when I click on any track it says the file is missing. I have ensured that the root location of the music folder is the same on both computers (desktop) but rekordbox still will not load my tracks.
(I did the quick backup by the way, without including music files but this shouldnt matter as I copied my music folder to exact same place on new computer)
Can someone please help me understand why the tracks are not linked to the music folder after carrying out the database migration and restoration??


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I had the same issue.  Not sure if its a windows thing or not (different versions).  I ended up manually relocating all tracks (which is time consuming as my music was in various subdirectories).  Seems to me its not just a matter of transferring the database from 1 PC to another unless they are exact clones including the operating system.  I even had the entire music file saved on the external hard drive along with the datafile, selected the external HD in preferences and exactly the same problem.

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