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DDJ SX2 with Traktor key adjust

I am happy with the OEM Pioneer Traktor mapping, except long loading time when opening/closing settings and I have few questions, maybe someone knows a solution:

1. Is there any knob assigned to adjust key? If not I think to assign each filter knob pressed with shift to adjust key. Does anyone know how this works?

2. What is the fader SAMPLER VOLUME for?

3. Scratch 'needle' light': Deck is playing, scratch back the jog by visibly controling the needle position. Position is always same, but the song does not scratch back that much as the needle. Difficuilt to decsribe but maybe a known issue.

4. I prefer to have a fixed EFX section: Flanger - Delay - Gater. When the slicer effects are used my previous setted up EFX section mix up.
Any ideas how to avoid this but having my EFX section and the slicer working?

Thanks bro's

Khan Durmann

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I'm using the traktor mapping from JaJa with great sucess.
It only has 3 pages, so the options page loads much faster [see note]. The deck stop button is pammed to key control. On the effects, it support "favorites" on the button below beat Fx selection (button #4) so you can get quickly to flanger / delay / gater.

Note: traktor settings is slow depending on the number of mapping pages you have. Its irrelevant how many actual commands you have there - only the number of pages. For example, the first page of JaJa has 2000 commands, and it runs fine!

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