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DDJ SB2 serato issues

OK I have a few problems that I could really do with help on. Firstly I'm running serato intro on a HP elitebook windows 10 that had been ok up until today. now It's crackling and slowing each song down all by it's self (it really sounds terrible) everything seems to be lagging. I've update the software from 1.2.6 to the latest version 1.2.7 & that's made no difference at all.

2nd problem is on my other laptop (a fujitsu lifebook A512) running windows 7. 

When ever I connect the DDJ SB2 the virtual decks flash on screen for less than a second then vanish & all I get is hardware disconnected flashing. 


I had been thinking of buying the full version of serato, but with this many problems on the intro version ... seriously ? How can you expect people to pay out for something that doesn't work. 


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Chancese are @Kev's problem is that those laptops are both pretty lightweight and may not be providing adequate power over the USB.

@Geoffroy > Your problem is the SB2 is not supported as a controller within rekordbox.

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Yep, I got most of these issues.  I have a surface pro, and my DDJ SB2 started not connecting to the software after an update.  I switched software to Rekordbox and since upgrade to 4.5.0 the DDJ SB2 is not connecting to Rekordbox too.  I've had so many issues with my Pioneer devices that I don't recommend them anymore.

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