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Feature Requests for RekordBox DJ


1. The main waveform display for the decks doesn't allow zooming out enough. It zooms ridiculously close but only zooms out to 6 bars. I like to see what is ahead in the track I am playing and match it way ahead of time with my next track for long house transitions, 6 bars is not enough. 

2. Make more flexibility with the font sizes and line heights. It goes from small to nano small. I have a 27 inch monitor I use mostly and its hard to read even at the larger setting.

3. The waveform color seems too red while playing the track. In Serato it is nice because you can often easily see when hats or a snare comes in or the song changes a little bit. With the waveforms how the are in Recordbox, everything just blends into each other, making it hard to see. Maybe an option to tweak the waveform colors would be be easy to implement. I think the problem right now is the frequency for the color red (bass) extends too far, or is weighted too much in comparison to the other frequencies.


Peter Ballasiotes

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As point 1 and 2 are the same than I asked for in the beta forum, I add my suggestions here instead of open another post (hopefully its ok for Peter):

- Auto-pause at the end of a track (for the "load lock" users is a must...)

- Bigger font size (I changed my whole screen resolution to be able to use the software, but should be an easier way...) (same as point 2 here)

- Autosave settings when closing the program (remaining time / browser size / pads config / autogain setting....) 

- Autodelete from tag list when played (add the option)

- Lower waveform zoom levels (same as point 1 here)

- "Search bar" at a fixed location (with the "enter" option to go to collection)

- Option to hide the crossfader/cue section independent from the mixer section (to give more space to the browser)

- To be able to move the waveform "center" line to the left to see more oncomming/forthcomming waveform

- Easier way to asign colours to a track (perhaps right click->colour->[select the color]


And the mapping option is great for basic users, but should be an advanced mode to asign output leds manually and choose rotary/button manually (I understand this section is at an early stage).

Most of the things are implemented on another softwares, but adding them to the Pioneer enviroment will result tons of djs moving to Rekordbox...

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