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DJM900 NXS2 with the RMX1000 app

Dug out my old iPad 2 since I just got my new 900 NXS2.  I wanted to try out the RMX1000 app for the iPad.  I checked out the specs on the Pioneer web site and noticed that the iPad 2 wasn't mentioned in the compatible hardware but it does say iOS 8.0 or 9.0 will work.  I have iOS 9.3.1 installed.  Will the iPad 2 work with the RMX1000 app?  Since the iPad 2 has the old 30 pin connector, will I need to use any kind of adapter?  Or will it just not work because there the old iPads don't use a the lightning cable? The Pioneer site says a lightning USB is needed.  


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Sorry, the RMX app will not work with the iPad 2 as it does not support AudioBus.

Mark Gallo
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