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Serato vs CDJ2000 (Not the Nexus...)

Hi DJ's


Ive got a question, i hope you can help me.

My set:


2x CDJ2000
1x DJM800

At this moment i use USB + Recordbox.
I really want to use serato

Is it possible to connect my CDJ2000 players to my laptop with serato without a extern soundcard? (No serato scratch, i really want to use serato intro or DJ)

I hope you cant help me, thank you for your help!


Paul Brugel Répondu

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Yes, you can use the CDJ-2000's in HID mode with Serato DJ but you will still need to use a Serato interface with your DJM-800.  This article will show you how to use HID mode.

Mark Gallo
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