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DJM 850 driver irql not less or equal on Windows 10


I use the djm 850 mixer with traktor scratch pro 2 connected to notebook with windows 10 (64 bits). I run traktor in 32 bits mode. I already have installed the ASIO4All driver. I have installed all updates of windows 10 and all drivers updated.

After some time, 10/15/20/... minutes, windows crash and forze reboot. The message is:DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (DJM 850Audio64.sys).

I have seen that the are more people with the same problem. 1500€ for this mixer and I can't use this with windows 10? It's really annoying.

Thanks for your time

Adrian Gonzalez Répondu

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The problem is known to be with Traktor - some users who are on a private beta have found that the issue doesn't exist. Please wait for NI to update their software or for Pioneer to release 64bit drivers (which are coming later this year).

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