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Midi Map Record button.

Dear Pioneer, I would like to map the Record button to a midi button on my DDJ-RX or a shit + button function on the controller. In fact I would be nice to be able to map every function to you controller without limitations like some functions now are restricted to only a Knob or button.




Leon Répondu

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Thanks for your feedback on this.  I will pass this along to our product planning team.

Mark Gallo
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Agree Completely that every single function in Rekordbox should be available for MIDI mapping at least for everybody that own a Pioneer DDJ controller.

I think pioneer is not releasing this feature for Marketing protection resons, because this is a simple function without too many complexity to be implemented.

Anyway I found a program that can help on that and I am going to try it maybe you can also do a try, see the url below:



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