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DDJ RB No Master and Headphone Output

Hi i recently buy the DDJ-RB and install everything that needed (rekordbox, DDJ RB driver) the software runs great
but only problem is there is no master sound output and the channel level on the RB is nothing

i already turn the knob on master and headphones level during the tracks is playing

re-install driver or the software didn't help

im using windows 10 - rekordbox 4.2.0

my setting (no sound gaining during track is play)

still no sound output (only preview on headphones work)

any advice?

Pacharaphon Niampoompuang Terminée

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Turn the gain knobs up (the top two next to the track selection knob) to a 12'o'clock position.

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oh mannnnnnn you made my day thank you

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