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Kickbass as Metronome Sound

Hey Pioneer Team,


coming from Traktor I really don't like the Beat detection algorythm in Rekordbox so far. I think Traktor is superior here.

So I tried to grid my Tracks manually. But here comes the problem:

certain tracks just never have a kickdrum which is 'alone' - there is always some kind of clap, snare or percussion on it.

So it is not possible to set the Beatgrid by eyes. But with the 3 Sounds available right now it is also very very hard to set it by ear as well.

As percussion and stuff often has some swing on it, I don't feel the sounds 2 and 3 are very usefull for gridding. These two sounds have some high frequancies in the attack which makes it difficult to match them to Tracks which have swingy percussion in the same frequency spectrum slightly shiftet around the Kick. (especially hard when they are slightly earlier as the kick)

Sound #1 is completely useless at all (for me at least).

The result is that altough I have gridded my tracks manually I sometimes have little phaseshifts in the kick bass sounds which leads to negative/destructive interferations.


I know that I can use the 2nd player to test my grids with any other track I KNOW is right.

And I also know (and I am doing it so far) that some tiny pushs on the jogwheel solve that within a second. I used to play with vinyl back then so that is not the problem...

But including a 4th or 5th Metronome Sound (maybe 2 different Kicks with different Attack Times - 1 very punchy and 1 rather smooth) should be very easy to do and would be just a great feature I think.

So one could hear if there are any interferations already while gridding without the need of the second player and without the need of a reference song.





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