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Next big thing (Pioneer, you're welcome)

Here's the next big thing I'd like to see from Pioneer

Take the screens out of the DDJ-RZX and make them stand alone, like the Numark Dash. ($299 retail). Then add functionality of the DDJ-SP1 by adding a few knobs and maybe pads? Add ethernet port to use with CDJs and a USB to use with Rekordbox DJ. Add a USB (eg. make it a hub) so we can plug our controller into this screen and then plug that into the laptop.

Charge $999, sell a zillion copies, and profit. Of course, send me one as a thank you gift. :)

Pioneer already has the screens and the software (rekordbox) already knows how to render this because its used on the DDJ-RZX. Basically putting existing hardware into a new plastic shell and shipping it out. 


DJ Chase

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