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Toraiz SP16

Toraiz is excellent but could do with..

LFO with BPM sync.

Parameter Locks in Realtime Record.

Normalise Sample Command

Fine-Tune editing of sample waveform

Midi Controller Page to control external Midi instruments/Software

Compressor on Main Audio outputs

Probability steps on Step Sequencer 0-100% probability for each step

More steps in sequencer by incremental speed increase/decrease 2x, 1/4, 1/2 etc

Custom case & Screen Protector

Improved Mixer Page with two sends both delay and reverb not one or other

Thank you for listening


Marc Davidson

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Delay effects would be nice,record & loop at the touch of a button,able to use as midi controller,time on track,minutes,seconds,etc,when arranging it also would be nice for an option on where to start track without track returning to the start after the 4 count.

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Also when slowing bpm while playing track alowing to let sample or loop recorded to slow down with the bpm not distorting the sound

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