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Rekordbox: Intelligent Playlists Filter by Playlist

Basic need of any dynamic (intelligent) playlist is to filter on "Playlist" key. 

For example: 
Intelligent Playlist 1: "All songs NOT in playlist 'uplifting' and not in playlist 'vocal'"

Another example:
Intelligent Playlist 3: "All songs by artist 'DJ Icey' but not in playlist 'mainstream'"

etc etc 


Being able to filter on this rule is a basic feature of all other music management applications and should definitely be a part of rekordbox. This would make it so much cleaner when creating my lists and I would no longer have to rely on iTunes

I think I'm not the first to request this. 


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Bumping this.  The most important metadata I have is what playlists the track is on.  I want to be able to use Playlist as a criteria in my Intelligent Playlists.

Jason Schwartz 4 votes
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Bump this as well - was just about to submit a new thread on this.

This is vital for mobile DJs bringing large libraries where we're not pre-planning our set.

Another use case example:

Intelligent Playlist 1: "Urban"

match any:

* Genre contains Hip-Hop

* Genre contains R&B

* Genre contains Trap

* Genre contains Twerk


Intelligent Playlist 2: "90s Urban"

match all:

* Playlist = Urban

* Comments contains "90s"

DJ Elevate 2 votes
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Yes, I want this because i need to know what tracks from my collection aren't included in a playlist....and also use as a filter.
A extra column with the name of the playlist the track is included will be an AWESOME feature

Tode 1 vote
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Bumping this again. Since Pioneer is currently ignoring the community on informing when they plan on releasing this feature, please bump the up and up again. I've seen posts more than three years old, people want this feature.

It can't be THAT hard, that it takes more than three years for the leading DJ hardware producer to implement such "basic" features.

Just please, tell us when we can expect that feature. People are annoyed. Look to France what happens when people get annoyed and provocated. :)

Willy Naumann 3 votes
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