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TORAIZ SP-16 Polite Requests for Improvement

Dear TORAIZ Team within Pioneer,

I've been playing a lot with your new sampler and I would like to list a few questions and polite requests for improvement. If you could answer or forward to the production team I (I guess many of us) would be grateful. Thanks!


            a) When I sync to a bar or phrase and I press PLAY on the TORAIZ playback starts immediately but slowly, until the 1st beat of the next bar or next phrase. I think it should just be silent until appropriate to play.

            b) When I sync only BPM the CDJ and the TORAIZ cannot be manually beat matched anymore. I think it would be better if the TORAIZ only synced to the pitch control on the CDJ butthe TORAIZ should not respond to manipulating the platter on a CDJ. This would allow the TORAIZ to always follow the base BPM of a track on a CDJ but if you for example start the TORAIZ off beat by accident you you could manually adjust it to the currently playing track on the DJ. I hope this is a clear enough description of the problem and the suggestion.

  2. Wouldn't it be possible to find a way that the samples on the TORAIZ could be monitored on a DJM 900 nexus (or equivalent mixer) before sending it to the main front of house mix? I'm not sure about the memory capabilities of other human beings but there is no way I could remember all my samples and one-shots in the entire TORAIZ. For example double tapping and holding the SHIFT button and pressing one of the 16 pads would send the sound to the headphones but not the main stereo out.
  3. Is there any way we could highlight the tracks which are currently playing? Either highlighting the pads themselves or on the display the currently playing pads could get a differently coloured frame. 
  4. It would be great if the touch strip could control volume of a track. Then tracks could be brought in and taken out gently 
  5. Is it only my unit where the filter resonance knob reduces the volume of stereo out? If gain is at zero, the low pass filter pots is all the way to the right and I try to set the resonance value before I turn the low pass filter pot, the volume of the stereo out decreases. Should I take my unit back to the shop and exchange it?
  6. It would be great if the currently loaded project name could be displayed somewhere. Further, if the individual scenes could be named and their name be displayed would be even better. For example in a project, I'd like to have a scene full of kick drums, another scene full of hi-hats, a 3rd scene full of percussion instruments and so on. It would be great if one could quickly find the exact scene to bring in a certain element to a mix during a live performance. 
  7. It would be great if there was a copy/paste and an exchange function in the scenes. When I load new samples I just throw them in a scene and then I would like to arrange them in a convenient way for live play. But it's very cumbersome to arrange them now. For example to exchange two samples I have to press-select a pad1 --> go to the browser --> find sample1 in browser --> press-select a blank pad --> load sample1 to a blank pad (pad3) --> press-select pad2 --> find sample2 in browser --> press pad1 --> load sample2 to pad1 --> press pad3 with copy of sample1 --> find sample1 in browser --> press pad2 --> load sample1 to pad2

    Or is there a simpler way to exchange two already loaded samples?



That's all. Thanks for maintaining this forum. I'm looking forward to your answers and/or updates. Greetings from Switzerland.....


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Thank you for all of this amazing feedback. I will forward this to the production team so they can try to make improvements. 


D.j. Creme
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Hey Zigzig,you nailed that idea of having the project name displayed,we don't know what track is loaded without getting out of current screen,good idea,and about the bpm when synced i run into that problem a lot when i start the track early i cannot adjust with platter because it changes on the toraiz too,i suggested time length on track too because we don't know the length of track or song we create,and being able to record longer samples and load full songs is something we need,another thing that would be nice if it supported other formats like mp3,not to mention being able to select where we want to slice samples i get a lot of empty spaces with the auto slice.

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