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Toraiz - MasterLock sampling


Since a couple of days I'm the proud owner of the Toraiz. I know you're working on a loaf of things at this point, but I just want to check something out.

When a sample is set to MasterLock and I use the Scale in that sample, the quality of the sample seems to decrease. Now this isn't not always the case, but most of the times it happens. Even when there isn't anything played at the time. The stretching is really obvious so the sample isn't quite usable if you know what I mean.

Is this something which can be avoided?

Many thanks in advance!

Suits on Sneakers

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Hello Suits

is your sample a One Shot or Loop? If its a one shot, try changing the Time Stretch option to OFF.

Let me know if this works for you. 



Dj Creme
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