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Problem reading Disks - CDJ 1000 mk2

Hi all, 


So I have an old CDJ1000 MK2 that is misbehaving. 


Some disks it reads fine, no issues - however others it struggles with. Sometimes it just flat refuses to read the disk (well, it reads the TOC and see's how many tracks but then hangs loading the first track) and others it will load and then sound distorted when playing - others still it will read fine the first few tracks and then later on the disk fall back to the other two scenarios.


I have considered that it could be Lens either being dirty or mis-aligned however I live in Wales and there are no authorised service centres within a suitable distance so I am left with having to sort them myself. 


Before I go opening up and cleaning out with compressed air etc has anyone ever heard of this issue before, and do they have a fix for it?





Stephen Croft Répondu

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Based on my experience, that's a laser alignment issue and you should have it serviced. NEVER use compressed air to clean the optical drive as the blast of air could damage the fragile lens system.

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