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Firewall access request at every start

Overtime I start rekordbox on my mac the OS X firewall request access for the rekordbox app.

I added rekordbox manually to the firewall too. But I still get the firewall access request at every start.

It doesn't matter if I start the export mode or performance mode.

Are there any solutions or ideas?


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Snap... I'm just used to it now.  I'll wait for the popup to show before trying to do anything else.

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Yes had this issue too sin ce the first version of the redisnged program with RB DJ 4.0.0).

I guess i'm used to it too. I've tried manually adding it to the firewall permissions but doesn't seem to stick. I wonder if RB has a secondary process which seems to request this permission, or if it generates a new process each time? No idea.


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