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DDJ-SX Headphone Mix - No sound from Master

On the DDJ-SX, there is a rotary knob called "Headphone Mix", it has "Cue" on the left and "Master" on the right. I assumed that this would give me all channels for which I have the Cue buttons highlighted for the left, and whatever is playing out over the Master output on the right - but all I get from the right (Master) side is silence.

I can listen to the master output by selecting the master cue button, but that comes in at full volume, and I'd really like to use this rotary knob to fade the master into the headphone mix gradually - as I would have assumed a knob labelled "Headphone Mix" would have done.

Have I misinterpreted how this knob is supposed to be used, is there something I'm doing wrong, or is my controller faulty?


I'm using Serato, if that makes any difference..

Dave Toland Répondu

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This is correct operation of the headphone mix knob.

Mark Gallo
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No it isn't.

You need to have the Master Cue selected for the Master side to come through. The labelling isn't very clear, but the reason you're hearing silence is because the Master Cue is off. The fact that the Headphone Mix knob says Cue on one side and Master on the other is misleading, it should really say something like Channel Cue and Master Cue, as Master makes it sound like you're getting the Master output, which you're not.

Dave Toland 0 votes
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