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Toraiz sp 16

I have a question about the the toraiz,i know it has 8gb of internal storage but is it possible to expand with a usb stick i have about 25 gb of vengeance samples i would like to use on the toraiz,and another question about BPM,lets say i recorded a sample/loop and it is 128bpm and the toraiz was also set to 128bpm when i recorded it, it loops in perfect timing,now i want to mix a track on the cdj with the loop on the toraiz but the track on cdj is 118bpm when i slow the bpm on the toraiz the loops stays the same and if i use the time stretch on any of both options available on the time stretch it plays way to slow on resample or slow and distorted on m.tmp.

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Hello Jova:

Question 1: Yes you can save/Load your samples and projects from an external usb or hard drive. please check out this link for further instructions


Question 2: if your sample was recorded at 128 BPM and its a perfect loop you should also make sure that in the EDIT sample window its also set to 128 BPM. Also make sure the MTMP and LOOP ON are selected for that sample. This should allow your loop to follow tempo changes from the SP-16master tempo. 

Are you trying to TEMPO match with Pro link from the CDJ?

Dj Creme
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Thanks creme for the advice,no i was trying tempo match with the cdj in this case, i just recorded a loop and noticed that when i used the MTMP it was digitally distorted when slowed down say from 125 to 90 bmp,but i guess it's not made like the cdj where we can slow it down with the master tempo on to a point where it's barely unnoticeable,on the edit sample window the bpm control seems to be the same bpm control as the master because if i move the tempo on the edit sample window it also changes on the master.

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