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DJM-450 free rekordbox DVS inc but not for compatible Pioneer DJMs ?

Same here, since you closed the other thread.

From a business decision I get the idea to an extend, but you do damage to yourself here Pioneer... we, your customers, have spend thousands on Pioneer gear in the past, yet you ask us to dish out another 300$ to use your DVS system on our high end pioneer mixers:



No thanks. I'll stick to Serato & Traktor hardware which I have purchased as well which INCLUDES allowing me to use their DVS software.

Also, to mention another deal breaker / sore spot again - the fact that Rekordbox locks me & my data into a corner by not allowing me to write all the data I create inside of RB into file metadata is another reason in itself not to use RB.

Just my 2 cents.


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I totally agree, the whole idea seems as if it was made last minute..

On the other hand, I can't understand how a lower end / cheaper item such as the DJM-450 comes bundled with this software but a high end / more expensive item such as the DJM-900nxs2 comes with nothing..

Surely Pioneer will change this and include it in all compatible hardware in future.

I am thinking of buying a DJM-900nxs2 but also want to buy Rekordbox Video, but am going to hold off until they are bundled together or Pioneer won't be getting my money at all..

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This is again like the walled garden, and there is probably more than we realize. Pioneer doesn't need to make the big DJM line support Rekordbox if the CDJ's/XDJ's all support recordbox, there is no reason to duplicate sound output. The only exception is for those using timecode vinyl, which would just use the sound card on the mixer. 

Its actually less cables and less headaches to use the CDJ USB sound card, and the mixer connected with rca/digital and ethernet, than a usb splitter for CDJ's with HID and a 3rd for the USB audio to the mixer.  

I don't think this is a big deal except for folks who arent using HID compatible CDJ/XDJ products, which is why Pioneer wants them to buy more kit.  

I'm still a happier Serato user, since I think rekordbox is laggy, crashy, and not as friendly with keyboard shortcuts, but I don't disagree with how Pioneer is running their company to become profitable, and push the envelope for DJ's.  

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