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RekordBox Suggestion: Nested Intelligent Playlist Conditions

Hey there!


Just wanted to say that Intelligent playlists is one of my favourite additions to RekordBox! However I think there's still some room from improvement :)

In iTunes, you can have nested conditions - meaning, you can have the overall playlist set to "match all of the following conditions", but then within those conditions, you can make something require to match 2 conditions as well. I would love to see this added to RekordBox.

Eg. I would like to make a playlist that needs to meet the following criteria:

- BPM is between 140-150 BPM

- Genre is Dubstep OR Trap


However with the current setup, I can only make it so that the playlist will show me everything between 140-150 BPM, all dubstep, and all trap, even outside of that tempo range (meet one of the following conditions) - I of course can't make it meet all of the conditions because that's listing 2 separate genres.

Hope that explanation makes sense? I can try to clarify further with screenshots from iTunes if not :)



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