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Software Librarian/Editor for Toraiz

Using the toraiz to play around and preparing for a live set with the Toariz only, i am beginning to feel that a software librarian would be an indispensable tool.

I have an arrangement with about 12 scenes, 4 original tracks (in scenes) and rest are remixes. Organizing this took me hell of a time 1. making sure the volume was consistent, 2. keys matched or could be mixed 3. organizing the sets 4. organizing the samples.

If i could have a librarian - something like remix box, but a bit more intuitive where i can volume match the samples, move them around scenes, decide which are one shots, loops, gate trigger e.t.c and load them to the Toraiz would be just excellent. 

TCO TCO (Cosmic Order)

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thanks for the feedback. I will pass this along to our production team.


Dj Creme
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Thanks creme, you already have an excellent base with remix box so hopefully this can be included in the future. A software based integration could open up limitless possibilities making the Sp 16 a true production workhorse.

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