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Toraiz Updates


Loving my SP-16 but it could be so much more so I've listed these in the request for features page but thought I'd also list in here as well in case anyone had anymore suggestions or comments..


Midi I/O (already planned)

More FX including LFO reverb and delay per track is planned BUT more than 2 FX available per track is essential (for example when you may wish to filter/eq a sub-bassline and add a synced LFO).

Velocity parameter edit - there is no way of editing the velocity in the sequencer. This is needed for ease of step input as pads only trigger at 100% velocity. This would improve workflow and also open up a lot more possibility for step modulation effects. 

Recording automation - record and adjust modulation parameters and track FX in a live scenario instead of step input only. At the moment FX have be played live and resampled and then added to a new track and cannot be edited, greatly limiting creative options. 

An undo function would help workflow.

Folder management - being able to save samples into specific locations would be very helpful instead of having to plug in a laptop to reorder everything in files (like 'Kick' folder, 'Synth' folder etc.).

BUG - The envelope 'Preset' button is not present in my machine (with 1.1 firmware) so I don't have the list of standard presets shown in the manual including 'declick' etc.

BUG - unable to 'save and replace' files.

Hopefully the new firmware upgrades will be coming soon...



James Croyden

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