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continuous play / auto mix

I am glad to see that continuous play was added.  This is a great feature as I am the house dj at a local bar and sometimes I have to leave the booth.  I have noticed a lot of people requesting a fade from one track to the other and that would be awesome.  I previously used virtual dj  with a sx2  and now I have upgraded to a rz with rekordbox as this software is far superior.  keep up the good work and I would love to see this feature added.



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I have an RX and I'm totally against using laptops whilst performing, but i always have to take one to most gigs for this exact reason!! I have a basic 'introduction' playlist on my iTunes that I run for the first hr of weddings, etc, when people arrive for the sole purpose that it has the 'crossfade songs' option available...

Great feature request!!

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