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DJM 750 driver for Sierra

 I'm playing with the "Native Instruments X1 MK2" and the DJM750 with USB. I don't use any Soundcard. My problem is that I have upgraded my OS to Sierra and now it won't work anymore...

What can I do ?

Valentin Weiss

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Which operating system did you upgrade from?  Yosemite or El Cap?

Mark Gallo 0 votes
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I have the same problem but with macOS High Sierra

Strii DJ 0 votes
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SOLVED! it was the "Allow" key in security and privacy window on system preferences.

DJM 750- MK2,
Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6,
rekordbox 5.8.6,
driver - DJM-750MK2_M_2.0.0

Rekordbox doesn't hear (detect sound from) the mixer connected via USB cable
On the Setting utility window it shows that the mixer is connected but there's no sound at all, recording is impossible
What could be the problem..? It worked before my mac broke down and had been repaired..after installing softwear again there's silence.
maybe i should mention that before the break down i had rekordbox downloaded from rekordbox website.. after fixing the computer no older versions were available anymore so i've found recordbox 5.8.6 on some other website like allmacworld.com or sth. What can i do having old mac with old OS like High Sierra? Please help
i think that i've got wrong driver. just discovered that probably 2.0.0 is for Sierra, not High Sierra. How can i get the right one? on pioneer.com old versions start from 2.x,x for Catalina wich is newer than High Sierra
Also i'm wondering does the mixer firmwear does have sth to do with it?

Mikolaj Gorski 0 votes
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