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Latency and grid shift during beat jumps (6.7.4)



The issue (bug?) is occurring when using the DDJ-400 with Rekordbox 6.7.4 on Windows 11. I tried RB 6.7.0 and I am facing the same problem.


When I have two tracks playing (same BPM each), I’m using beat jumps on one of the track (e.g. channel 2) to skip parts of that track, then there is latency when displaying the audio waveform, even though all tracks are already analyzed, and the track is shortly paused, then is resumed.

Besides that, the main problem here is there is a beatmatching shift (offset) due to the short pauses caused by the beat jumps, which has never happened before, when I was mixing with the same setup (DDJ-400, any previous rekordbox version, Windows 10 or 11).

Even glitch/buzz sounds happened when beat jumping.


I know I can bypass that by using the beat sync buttons on the two tracks, but it is an unnecessary additional step to me that kills the mixing flow, and I would have to use that every time I beat jump and the problem is occurring.


Here is a recorded video of the issue on Rekordbox to illustrate the differents issues:



I don’t know if it has anything to do with buffer size. Here is a screenshot of my settings just in case:



Could you please help me with that? Thanks in advance!

Alexandre Lau

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