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Mastertempo samples

Hi! I would like to know it's just my samples or that the "MasterTempo" function doesn't work properly.

Whenever I use the MasterTempo on and use SCALE the sample time stays the same, only the key is different. When it's off, the key is different, but it plays alot faster which ofcourse is great in alot of cases.

However, when the MasterTempo is on the sample greatly decreases the quality of the sample. It kind of garbles while trying to keep the key the Toraiz is going for. Because of this, the top pitch or the bottom pitch become unuable in alot of cases since it either sounds bad or sounds weird. This way scaling can only be used in a very limited way. Like 8-12 pads without master tempo on and maybe 4-8 when it's on.

My question is if it's simply my samples or if I am asking for something impossible since they're samples and not soundwaves.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi, I try to keep my project and sample material as similar as possible in terms of BPM, because, as you have discovered, the timestretching algorithm is quite poor. In fact, I am quite surprised how bad it is really. I tend to just turn it off.


I hope Pioneer look to improve this. I find the timestretching better in my Octarack (much older tech)

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Yes, I also tend to turn it off right away since it does do that. But that kinda pushes you towards a sound I don't want in particular.

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