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WEDJ for iPad - Issue

I have and iPad Pro 9.7 inch with 256GB storage


I loaded and analyzed about 20,000 songs and everything worked great.


I then deleted all the songs off my iPad and put about 10,000 back on, most of which had already been analyzed.


Now it wants to reanalyze all the songs, not only the new ones added.  Djay 2 only analyzed the new ones I had added, so it would be nice if it would remember songs like Djay 2 does.

DJ Stygma

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I'll look into this and see what I can find out.

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Salve, ho acquistato regolarmente
WEDJ da Apple Store per IPad Air 2
Il problema principale è che una volta installato il software su iPad regolarmente formattato, quando chiedo a WEDJ di eseguire la lettura dei BPM, la prima volta la effettua ma non la completa, e se riprovo a fare rileggere di nuovo i BPM delle mie canzoni va in crash.
Lo fa' anche in un secondo IPad

Attendo Update!!!!

Attendo cortese risposta grazie Davide tortora Forlì

Send To IPhone Pyton Dj

Pyton Dj 0 votes
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