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Toraiz Delete Project Suggestion

I have accidentally deleted some projects when trying to delete one, when deleting a project it asks are you sure then i say yes but it does not ask again if i click on the knob again,i thought i was about to open a project when i hit the button it actually deleted the project this has happened a couple of times so i thought maybe if it would always ask when hitting the knob so we know we are in delete mode and not open project mode,thanks.


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Hi Jova,

Hope you're well.

Currently we won't be adding another layer of safety when deleting projects.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

However, if it was a demo project that was provided with the TORAZ SP-16, we're currently working on making the LOOPMASTERS SAMPLE PACK and Demo projects (provided) as a download for anyone that has purchased one.

Stephen Herdman
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