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DDJ-SRT 1000 - No Audio Driver. New Macbook Pro M2

I've got a new 2023 Macbook Pro M2 running Ventura, upgraded from a 2015 MacBook Pro. 

DDJ-SRT 1000 connected fine and worked for the first few weeks. I have now hit the dreaded "NO DEVICE DRIVER" error on the platters. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and followed all the instructions, including adjusting the security policy during desk startup. Still won't work.

It still connects fine with the 2015 MacBook

Any advice is greatly appreciated.






Brendon Matthews

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I keep getting the same thing on my REV7, it goes away when I open the Pioneer "utility" application.  Not sure why.  Its almost as if you have to have the application OPEN for the device to successfully connect.

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