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Simple newbie question regarding XDJ-RX2, does it allow to start a track before its first beat?

Can you play a track before the first beat passes?

Sometimes I like to line up tracks before they're actually playing as seen on track 2.

I'm learning about the differences between controllers & standalones/cdj's, and just looking at the little details. I was just wondering if this behaviour is also possible on standalones, especially the RX-2 ? I'm not talking about beat jumps, just spinning the jogwheel anti-clockwise.

I'm sorry for the newb question.

Thanks in advance!


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You can't play before a recording's start. If you want to line-up a track before dropping it in, you can use the loop function, loop a bar or a phrase of the second track, align it, drop it in when you're ready and exit the loop. If you're going to use loops it's a good idea to use Quantize which will mark your loop ins and out exactly on the grid

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