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My DDJ SX3 has no sound coming out of Master Input 2

I am having and issue with my pioneer DDJ SX3 controller. The issue is I am having No sound coming out of master input 2 on the back of DJ controller and no lights light up on the master gain when music is playing through one of the four channels. I called Pioneer tech support twice now and had no luck resolving this issue, all I got was email with Drop box link to a PDF file saying that I need to fix the software or firmware but I tried all that and still no luck. I thank its a hardware issue with the controller, strange thing is everything else on the controller works fine and lights up, but for some reason the damn Main Mixer gain there is no sound at all no matter what I try. This could all be resolved if I could just talk to someone on the phone to walk me through on what I need to do. But apparently the company Pioneer aka. Alpha Theta Music Americas does not do that. So I am at a lost guessing without talking to professional about this DJ equipment to fix this issue at hand. So maybe it needs to sent to repair center and fixed manually. I really don't know but either way this is very frustrating and annoying and it makes no sense to the customer that buys this expensive equipment and can not get any direct help one on one through phone. So there it is that's my problem at hand thank you hopefully we can resolve this issue. 

John Rickman

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