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Opus-Quad FX Frequency insertion


The long-awaited Opus-Quad has arrived. It has a lot of exciting features and from what I can see it has consolidated a lot of features.

Much to my regret, the FX Frequency feature has been completely removed from the device. This is very unfortunate because I'm a Tech House DJ and I use FX a lot, but it only really comes into play when I use FX Frequency so that the effects don't affect the deeper parts of my music, because the genre itself is about very characterful bass or drums , which gets really messed up when I push effects on it. At the same time, the mid and high ranges benefit a lot from the use of effects!

Since these buttons are no longer on the main panel, I see a software solution to the problem.

My request and suggestion would be to set aside a part of the unreasonably large surface when the Beat FX button is pressed for this purpose. These 3 function buttons should be visible there, and when using the effect, the LOW, MID and HI parts can be removed from the effect of the current effect sound.

Since access to many functions on the main touch screen interface of the opus-quad is now digital, and since the requested function is not so much from the devil, since it already worked very well with the previous models, I hope that the programming or with graphics post processing I can reuse this brilliant feature.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you can give a positive answer.

Sincerely, Aleksander

Szabó Sándor

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