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Opus Quad questions

Hello all,
I have some experience with the RX3 and now own an Opus Quad and have some questions about it.

1. smooth echo not in time
Smooth Echo I have set to 1 beat. If I now apply this to a song, the Smooth Echo works but it is not in time.  The echo is executed much slower, I know this from the DJM 909 differently, there it was perfect.
What could be the reason for this?

2. track filter only on playlists
With the RX3 I could apply the "My Tag Filter" to the entire library. With the Opus, the "edit" button only appears when I'm in a playlist.
But I want to apply the filter to the whole library (about 30 000 tracks). 
How can I set this?

How can I set the 3rd column in the overview to show the rating so I can sort by it?
Thanks in advance

Alexander Franzkowiak

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Doesn't it appear when you hover your cursor over the song?

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That's it !!!!!
Thank you, you are a Life-Safer! :)

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here are some general troubleshooting tips that I suggest:

  1. For the smooth echo issue - check the BPM/tempo settings of both the song and your echo effect. Make sure they match. Also try adjusting the echo time parameter to sync it to the beat better.
  2. To apply a filter across your entire library - look for a "filter" or "analyze" option at the overall library level rather than just playlists. There may be a way to batch analyze files. Or apply the filter when adding new tracks to the library.
  3. To show rating in the 3rd column - look for a "configure columns" or "customize view" option for the library overview screen. That should allow you to select Rating as one of the visible columns.

Additional things to try:

  • Update the DJ software/firmware in case there are fixes
  • Check documentation/manuals for the software features
  • Contact technical support from the vendor
  • Post questions in user forums/communities for the specific hardware

Hope this gives you some ideas on troubleshooting your DJ setup!

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