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I can't perform the latest firmware update Pioneer XDJ-XZ ver. 1.25.

Since this new XDJ-XZ firmware version 1.25 was released, I can't update my device. I've been a professional DJ for years and even following all standard procedures, I haven't been successful. I press the USB1 stop and reloop/exit buttons with the controller turned off, I press the power button and enter the screen that requests the pendrive with the update file, but when I insert it, the screen remains in the same situation. Formatting the pendrive is ok and I've tested it with several pendrives, but without success. Please has anyone been through the same situation as me and can help me? Thanks a lot.


thiago.estaminas .

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Is the FILE name XDJXZ.UPD?
Has it changed to XDJXZ.UPD(2) or XDJXZ(2).UPD?
If the FILE name is not XDJXZ.UPD, please rename it to XDJXZ.UPD.

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