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Upgrading from rekordbox 5 to 6 - a couple of questions

Hi all. I've recently acquired a pair of CDJ-3000's so I'm finally getting around to upgrading from rekordbox 5 to 6 and I have a few queries that are proving a bit difficult to google...

1. I've been using v.5 for many years now and I have hundreds if not thousands of tunes on my two trusty gigging USB drives (a main USB drive and a backup) that were obviously analysed in v.5.

When I upgrade to v.6, I understand that my music library needs to be re-analysed. However, the music already on my USB drives won't be re-analysed (yet). So when I drag music that's been analysed in v.6 from rekordbox onto the USB drives, will they work fine with the tracks that aren't re-analysed? Or should I start with a clean slate, wipe my USB drives and re-add the music once re-analysed in v.6?

2. I use iTunes (Apple Music) on my Mac to organise my entire music library. I then import selected tunes for DJing from there into my rekordbox collection on an ad hoc basis. All nice and simple. Does rekordbox v.6 still have this function? Or will I need to organise my music library differently? (I really hope not!)

I should add that I'm running a pretty ancient iMac with Catalina, so I hope that won't be a problem.

Thanks for your help team.


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1. If you have music analyzed and exported from both rekordbox 5 and 6, it shouldn't be a problem. All tracks should still be readable by CDJ/XDJ devices.

2. You can still sync Music app aka iTunes with rekordbox 6. 

Please be aware that Catalina OS is not supported for rekordbox 6. So I suggest to update to Big Sur OS or later OS if possible. 

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Hi Gabriel, thanks for your reply. That's all very helpful thanks. 

I've got a few more questions that you might be able to help me with if that's ok?

1. I used my CDJ-3000s for the first time the other day and found that the 'preview' track function didn't work when I pushed the preview waveform while browsing. I have a DJM-900NXS2 and followed the instructions to use the Link Cue button on the mixer. Any ideas why it doesn't work?

*Edit: I should add that my CDJs and mixer are connected together with an ethernet switch box, and all the other link functions seem to work fine. 

2. Also, the new function of being able to preview a later part of the playing track by holding a finger on the waveform and using Link Cue on my mixer didn't work. Instead it kept setting a countdown like on older CDJs. Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

3. One more question... I have my Key format set to the Camelot system in rekordbox. When I browse tracks on the CDJ-3000 it shows them in Camelot format, but on the playing screen (with the waveform, etc) the key is displayed in the old format (eg. Amaj, etc).

Bearing in mind I am still using rekordbox 5 and my USB drives and the music is on them is analysed in 5, could this be the cause of the problems above?

Thanks for your help.

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