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Pioneer DJ VM 50/70/80 series studio monitor (subwoofer)

Hello big fans of Pioneer Dj. I came to this thought (perhaps many have already thought this). Would you expect a studio monitor subwoofer version for the VM series? This would be an extremely large and cool project, and I believe it would work effectively. This would be a great "Christmas present" for us as fans.

So, my motto would be that simplicity is power. In terms of design, it could remain the same as VM50/70/80 - just instead of a tweeter, there could be an inverter. However, in terms of dimensions, it could be bigger, for example (w:350, h:450, d:455), 6", 8", 10" subwoofer, everything definitely depends on what this product will eventually enable (connections, power supply, etc.) ).Would that be pretty cool, don't you think?

I also "secretly" took/created a picture, but I don't want to violate anyone's copyright. Pictures, of course, taken from the vastness of the internet. At the same time, whoever has a good imagination already has this picture in front of their eyes.
Mairo Pärn

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