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Losing beat grid with using mobile sync

I am using Rekordbox 6.7.5 on an i9 MacBook Pro running Ventura 135, and 4.0.3 on an iPad running iOS 16.6
I have  DDJ-FLX4, but this does not affect this issue as it is not connected.

I download music from Tidal on the laptop and put it a Playlist. I then mobile sync this over to the iPad. Take the iPad to Starbuck and do some work on the beat grid and place some markers.
I then bring the iPad back home and sync it back to the laptop.

When I do, the beat grid and markers are shifted. It's a small amount, like an 1/8th of a beat, but it still throws off the grid enough I have to re-fix it on the laptop in order to use the music in a mix.

If I then re-sync it back to the iPad, it is then shifted on the iPad in the opposite direction by the same 1/8th beat. I have also sync'd with a different iPad and my iPhone and they all align with each other, but not with the laptop

I've tried turning off auto-analysis and locking the grid before I sync and neither seems to be helping.

This is very annoying and basically renders mobile sync useless for doing remote beat grid work.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Michael Hare

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